Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just for Mommies: Mommie Money Jar

Hi Mommies,

I know for me one of the reason why I don't do things for myself is because I don't want to take money from the family budget. I am sure that all of you have done the same thing. We go to the store to get us something. Then we end up in the kids aisle. Or pick up something for ourselves walk around with it in your hand or cart and then put it up without buying it.

Well, my solutions for that is a Mommie's Money Jar. What is a Mommie's Money Jar? Well it is a jar just for you. You or you and your significant other puts a dollar in every night. By the end of the month you will have $30.00 to 60.00 dollars. You then take that money and do something just for you.

I sign up for sites like Groupon and get a massage or a winery deal, or any deal that you would love, for a discount. You can even forward it to your friends and do a girls night. Groupon is a site that you customize for the things that you like to do, and they send you deals to your email. You can even change the city and use it for when you go out of town.

So let's make it a goal to do a Mommie Money Jar and make some time for us. Please leave me in the comments sections, what you did just for you.

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