Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just for Free

My friends call me cheap. But I like to look at it as being frugal. So I thought I would share with you some of the sites I have found out about, to get things Free. Who doesn't like free?


Join the mailing list and you can receive a coupon for free undergarments.


You can request a free trial pair at, and ( I actually did this with Acuvue and they emailed me a coupon to take to my eye doctor).

For a chance to see movies before it opens to the public go to: or


Via ( I usually type in free kindle books and whatever category I like, i.e free kindle kids books) you can also check out ebooks via your library,


Starbucks this is my guilty pleasure. But the can be an expensive treat. So to pay for my addictions to Starbucks I signed up via my smartphone for Starbucks rewards. You just download the app from the Play Store. You put money on it via a credit, debit or gift card and pay for your purchase via your phone. You will earn stars for your purchases (and if your Starbucks is in a Kroger like mine is give them your Kroger card also that counts toward the points you earn on that to) You will also recieve Members only rewards and a free drink on your birthday. I have only been a member for 2 months and have already recieved a free drink. (mmmm) (Starbucks taste even better when its FREE)


Visit sites like, or No credit card required.


Go to sites like, or You can also use these sites on your smartphone. (just remember if you are streaming online music you will use your data)


Sign up for If it is in your area you can find deals on musicals, comedy clubs and museums. (there might be a service charge about 5.00)

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