Thursday, April 23, 2015

Work at Home

Have you ever wondered if working from home, is for you?  We all have dreams of what working from home would entail.  Not having to fight traffic going to and from work, rolling out of bed and working in our pajamams, not having to pay a day care bill, being able to cook and clean our house while we are working.
But are these realistic idea?  I have been working from home for over ten years and I love it, but it is not for everyone.  It is true you don't have to fight traffic, and if you really want to, you can work in your pajamas.  But depending on the job that you have you will probably still have to pay a day care bill.  Most WAH (work at home) companies have a no background noise policy.  And they do audit (listen to your calls).
Most customers service jobs also require you to be at your desk, so you can't be at another part of the house cleaning or cooking.
I love working from home.  But it is not for everyone.  You have to be a self motivated, you have to treat this job as a real job just like you had before you worked from home.  If you are scheduled to work to have to work. 
Some people say that working from home is lonely or boring you are just in your home office by yourself.  If you feel like  this make use of the chat room.  Most WAH companies have a chat room destinated just for getting to know your coworkers, they have newsletters where you can send photos of your family, participate in contest, send in recipes etc.. Although this is not the same as physically getting to see your coworkers it does help. I also keep a magazine at my desk and between calls I read that.  I means as mommies how many time do we get to read a magazine.  For great deals on magazines click here.
If you are still not sure if working at home is for you, why not give it a try.  There are many WAH companies that hire people for seasonal work.  This way you can try out, working from home and see if you love it or hate it.

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