Thursday, May 28, 2015

Work at Home Independent Contractor or Employee

Employee or Independent Contractor
This is one of the first  decision that you will have to make when you decide that you want to work from home.
Why you may ask?  Because this decision will impact your schedule, your pay, whether or not you have to pay taxes or have them withheld, if you will receive benefits, vacation, sick pay and the  list goes on and on.
Let's look at the pros and cons of both. 
As an employee you will usually receive the same benefits that you receive at a brick and mortar job that you are employed at. 
They will usually take out taxes for you, offer health benefits (depending on the company) . And you are usually required to work a set schedule often times set by them.
If consistency  in pay is what you are looking for, as well as benefits and you don't want to deal with paying your own taxes.  Then I would suggest you look for a work at home job that will hire you as an employee.
Independent Contractor
As a independent contractor you are usually required to pay your own taxes, they usually don't offer benefits, in most cases you are paid per minute per talk time ( this means you are only paid for the time you are actually on the phone with a customer).
The main benefit of this position is that you usually can set your own schedule.  If flexibility of schedule is what you are looking for you might want to look for a position that will hire you as a independent contractor.
There are some exception to the pay per minute per  talk time.  I worked at Arise and the hire you as a independent contractor but they pay per minute per talk and an hourly rate. 
So you have to decide what is best for you.  I have done both and there are pros and cons to each.  So sit down and figure out what you need to accomplish from a work at home job. 

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